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If you are not a traveler, if you have to stay in confined spaces with other people and if you are not sure about your intestinal gases, TacepoPouch may help you.

It is a device to eliminate smells during flatulence. Additionally to the standard Tacepo device which kills loud flatulence sounds, it has a pouch to collect gasses.

More Information

If you use TacepoPouch, during flatulence gases get into the pouch excluding smells for those around you.

If needed, the gases can be released from the pouch in a place convenient for you. Using this device will make your life more comfortable.

The device consists of two cones firmly held by the sphincter, handles preventing Tacepo’s penetration into the rectum, and gas passages that are closed by the sphincter when not in use.

During gas passing, the sphincter is pressed away from Tacepo forming a hole through which the gases go out without any loud sounds. As soon as gases go out, the sphincter is again tightly pressed against Tacepo closing the pass.

Flatulence can be managed using Tacepo in the same way as in usual life.  The control of this process becomes more efficient preventing accidental flatulence in many aspects.

Tacepo is inserted into the anal orifice all the way through, until the handles can go no further, otherwise the device will not be efficient. 

Tacepo is not visible under the clothes and does not fall out when used.


The Tacepo device is safe. It is made of special extra strong material allowed for the contact with human mucosa for up to 24 hours. 


Tacepo devices do not fall out when used and do not get deep into the person due to their form and special hands. The device strength exceeds many times the effort that may be applied to it during its use.


PP H451 IM/2;
PP H452 IM/2 
is polypropylene homopolymer with narrow molecular weight distribution. The product features high fluidity and special composition of the stabilizing formula that provides for improved physical and mechanical properties of final products. Recyclable.

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  • No odor

  • Safety

  • Novelty

  • Easy to use

  • No sound

  • Exclusive

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