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About Company

TacepoUS LLC develops innovations in medicine as well as various devices for comfortable life. Our team creates unconventional produtcs that help many people. 

Story 1:

Once upon a time there was a young scientist deeply in love…but in his stomach was a bloating secret…On a brave afternoon, he saw his potential lover in the courtyard and built up the courage to ask her out. Little did he know that wasn’t bravery trapped inside of him…

When he dared to start a conversation with her, at the most inopportune moment he felt gas pains that caused a loud flatulence. In the heat of the moment, he dropped a heater. There was a long awkward pause…until he broke the silence, by breaking wind, again. His vapors gave her the vapors and he ran away crop dusting his once potential date. 

Realizing that he blew any chance of love…literally…He locked himself in his room creating a poisonous hot box of regret passing gas until he passed away, alone. 

Perhaps none of this would have happened had he been able to use the effective relief of Tacepo® at the time, which would have made his flatulence remedy.

Story 2: 

One top manager of a large corporation was the keynote speaker of a major global conference where he was supposed to report on the success of his company. There were many speakers and it was his turn in the afternoon.

At lunch, there was a lot of savory dairy that turned his lactose intolerance into a symptom of thunder down under. When the time came for his speech, he was a bundle of nerves, and gas. He could hardly contain pressure and pain. 

His talk got off to a very successful start, with everyone interested in his corporation's promotional methods and their sales success. The room was silent, but deadly

When his report came to a climax, there was a pause and that lunchtime cheese spread caused him to cut the cheese. He could not restrain himself and his analysis turned into uncontrollable flatulence, which led to hysterical laughter of the conference participants. 

If Tacepo® had been available to remedy his gas, this keynote wouldn’t have been a brown note and no one in the audience would have heard the loud sounds of his flatulence and, for sure, his relief and career would have been more successful.


And these two stories became an inspiration for an idea to create Tacepo!