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1. Why at all do you need Tacepo?

Tacepo exists to significantly reduce the sound during flatulence. There are four variants of the product. In addition to the standard device, there is TacepoPouch including a pipe and a pouch to collect gases to prevent loud sounds and spreading smells during flatulence. In addition, for those who love epatage, there are TacepoPig and TacepoDuck that make pig or duck sounds during flatulence instead of a usual flatulence sound.

2. How efficient is this flatulence deafener?

On average, people make sounds up to 70 decibels during flatulence. Using Tacepo, you can reduce it up to 2 decibels which is similar to the exhalation sound. It will be undoubtedly comfortable in case of unvoluntary flatulence during an important meeting or even, as in this case the sound will be very soft, and the possibility that someone can hear it will be very low, which means there will be no unwanted reactions of other people.

3. Can this flatulence (fart, blow off) deafener fall out right when intestinal (fart, blow off) gases are getting out?

No, Tacepo is designed so that it does not fall out during flatulence due to its form in the shape of a cone. It is reliably detained in the anal orifice. To take it out, it is necessary to make an effort with your hands.

4. Can Tacepo fall completely into the rectum?

No, Tacepo is designed so that its handles reliably keep it at the entrance to the anus and do not allow it to fall into the rectum.

5. Can Tacepo prevent intestinal gas smells?

The Tacepo device can not prevent the intestinal gas smell from spreading, but when you use TacepoPouch, it becomes possible. TacepoPouch collects all gases that come out during flatulence into a pouch fixed on the leg, not allowing them to get out. As a result, TacepoPouch prevents not only the sound, but also the smell during flatulence.

6. Can Tacepo be used several times?

No, Tacepo is desinged to be used one time. We do not recommend using it repeatedly. Tacepo has a complicated form, and it is not possible to wash it completely. During Tacepo use, some pathogenic flora may develop in it and may lead to serious complications in the case of repeated device utilisation.

7. What size can Tacepo be?

The standard Tacepo size is 86 х 62 х 28 mm. This size was chosen for our device as a result of research of the people’s anus size. But we understand that this Tacepo size may not suit everyone very well, so we can suggest you make an order for the production of Tacepo with your individual sizes. If there is a sufficient number of orders for producing Tacepo with your size, we will produce it. You can make an order for individual Tacepo production here

8. Can individual design be made?

You can place an order for the production of a different colour Tacepo. You can also propose your own design of the device. Your design will be posted for voting on our website. If it gets a sufficient number of orders, we will produce such Tacepo.

9. My dog farts loudly with an unbearable smell of the intestinal gases. Can you make a similar flatulence (fart, parping) deafener to remove the smells

Of course, you can use our device for your pets, but unlike you, they may not share your joy about the elimination of sounds and smells from their flatulence.

10. Can you use Tacepo all the time?

We recommend to use Tacepo during the periods when involuntary flatulence may damage your reputation. As a rule, such situations do not last for more than two to four hours, though the material used for the device allows staying of the device in your body for up to 24 hours.

11. In what conditions should Tacepo be inserted?

If you have an important meeting, trip or some other event, you can insert Tacepo shortly before in any recess, preferably in a toilet facility. In addition to the device, there is a lubricant in the package. After applying it on Tacepo, you can easily insert the device into your anus.

12. Is there a discount system if we buy Tacepo often?

Yes, if you buy more than 10 units at a time, your discount will be 5%, if more than 100, your discount will be 10%, if more than 500, the discount is 15%. The maximum 20% discount is provided if you buy from 1,000 units.

13. I heard that the air in spaceships in orbit is always ill. Some astronauts call spacecrafts “flying toilets”. May be they shoul use Tacepo?

I don’t think so, as they would have to use the device for several months. Although...

14. I was once on a flight, and a passenger next to me seemed to suffere from gastric indigestion and poisoned me with his intestinal gases for five hours in a row. Can he be presented with Tacepo? Will it not be indecorous?

It is indecorous to poison other people with your intestinal gases; but it is necessary to offer Tacepo to solve this problem. Because the person suffers from the problem himself, and you can help him eliminate the problem.

15. How should Tacepo be disposed?

Tacepo is made of plastic, that is why it is recommended to throw it into a trash bin, not to flush down the toilet, especially if the sewage system has some pumps. Tacepo can damage the sewage pumps.

16. How can one insert Tacepo into the anus without lubricating it?

This process is not desirable. Your anus deserves caring attitude.

17. Can the pouch for collecting intestinal gases unintentionally pull Tacepo from the anus when you least need it?

No, to pull Tacepo from the anus, you will have to apply more effort. When using TacepoPouch, if you pull the tube, it will fall out of Tacepo, but the device will stay in the anus.

18. Can Tacepo prevent diarhhea?

No, Tacepo is designed only to prevent the sound, and TacepoPouch - to prevent the sound and the smell. Diarhhea can not be stopped with this device, but it can ensure good control of uinvoluntaryurges

19. Is Tacepo a therapeutic device?

No, Tacepo is a device for preventing flatulation sounds and smells, but it does not cure, it just helps avoid embarrassing situations. Tacepo is used to improve comfort in life.

20. Can Tacepo be used in people with haemorrhoid or anal fissures?

It is not recommended to use Tacepo under the conditions of haemorrhoid or anal fissures, it can lead to disease exacerbation.

21. Why are Tacepo handles of different sizes and are incluned?

Tacepo handles are designed to make the device application more comfortable. The short handle should be directed towards perineum, the long one - towards your back.

22. Is it necessary to wash Tacepo before use?

Tacepo is produce and packed in clean conditions. Though we recommend to wash Tacepo with soap before using and to lubricate it before inserting it into your anus.

23. Is there some discomfort when walking or sitting with Tacepo inside?

Much depends on person’s individual peculiarities and sensitivity. Insome cases, there may be small discomfort.

24. Can one wear figure-hugging clothes when using Tacepo?

Yes, you can wear any clothes when using Tacepo - the device will not be noticeable due to its ergonomic form

25. How does Tacepo eliminate flatulence (farting, parping, intestinal gas) sounds?

Tacepo has two cones and handles. There is a hole between the two cones through which gases go out without contacting with the mucosal surface
of the anus, preventing loud sounds during flatulence.

26. Is a prescription needed to buy Tacepo?

No, to buy Tacepo you just need to have a wish to avoid discomfort at an important meeting, during a trip or speech. No prescription is required from a medical doctor, but there are some contraindications specified in p.29.

27. How often can Tacepo be used?

Tacepo can be used as often as you need it, but we recommend using it for not more than 24 hours in a row.

28. I can do without Tacepo, so why use it?

Tacepo is needed to prevent loud sounds, and TacepoPouch - to prevent loud sounds and smells during unintentional flatulence that is especially possible in the case of gaseous distention. As a rule, it is necessary when you are surrounded by people whose opinion is important for you and your self-esteem. In this case, Tacepo will help you avoid embarrassing situations. And, even if you are self-confident, Tacepo in you will add confidence to you.

29. What are contraindications for using Tacepo?

Haemorrage, anal fissures and other diseases connected with the anal orifice